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In Our Weekly Live Training Your Kids Will Learn:

How Money Can Be Made to Work for You

How kids can Make $1M before Retiring by Investing Just $100 Each Week 

How to Pick a Winning Investment

Understanding Debt, Credit Cards and Buy Now Pay Later

The Power of Investing in Property

What to Look for When Buying a Business

How Money and The Economy Really Works

How Taxes, Insurance and that 'Other Stuff'  Works

Ask yourself... If you had learned these skills at a young age, how different would your life be today?

Tony Argyle with his daughter Caitlin

Your Kids Can Get a Competitive Advantage – Give it to Them

As we look back on our own schooling, we never attended even one class about how to budget properly, how a mortgage worked, or how to manage cash flow.

We certainly missed the lessons on how to build wealth, investing, and owning our own businesses.

The sad reality is most kids today are pushed into a system that gives them no choice but to enter the employment trap and get stuck in the unfulfilling rat race for the rest of their lives.

The good news is teaching your kids real-life money management and investment skills at a young age will set them up for success and freedom, giving them a truly unfair advantage in life.

Do you want this kind of life for them? 

How To Develop Financially Independent Young Adults

This 8-month program is designed to ease any young person – whether school age or older – into GREATER FINANCIAL KNOWLEGE, ranging from savings to investments and from handling debt and credit cards to owning their own business.

Using these principles, our son was able to save over $70,000 by his 21st birthday, earning just $22/hour as a full-time employee. This is huge, considering he left home when he was just 18 years old. Our daughter was even able to save money without a full-time job! She also enjoys travelling overseas, but has neither asked nor received money from us since 2018 - she was 19 years old then.

Your kids will be able to say goodbye to financial dependency and expectations of pocket money forever. In this training program, we’ll show you the step-by-step process on how your kids can build their own wealth.

Ready to turn your kids into financially independent young adults?

Course Outline

Each week jump on to our live training, ask questions and connect with other families  

Module 1

Introduction To Money  and how you get it to work for you instead of you working for it 

Module 2

Saving and Budgeting, discover how to manage your money properly 

Module 3

Share Market Investing: Learn how the share market works and join in a live game where you manage your a paper traded portfolio of shares  

Module 4

Understanding Debt, Discover the different types of debt and how to manage it 

Module 5

Other Investments  Discover how Bonds, deposits, start ups, precious metals and cryptos work and how to diversify your risk  

Module 6

Property Investing  Understand the different types of property investing 

Module 7

Money and Life Learn about money and relationships, superannuation and other life lessons like moving out of home

Module 8

Business, Discover money management in a business, including, structures, profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheets

Resources, Tools and Reading

You'll get access to tools, cheatsheets and recommended reading to help you better understand all aspects of money, investing and the economy 

Monthly Investment Games Night

Learn by playing online money and investment games with other kids in the program each month  


With just a one-time payment of $1 for the first week, you get instant access to the Young Wealth Secrets training program!

After the initial charge has been made, one week later $97 per month will be charged – until you advise us you want to stop.

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Why the government doesn't want you to save money

Managing money is one of the most important skills to developing a life of abundance and happiness yet they don’t teach you about money in school. Why Not?

Politicians get elected on a healthy economy and to achieve this they need you to keep spending. The last thing they want is for you to be responsible and save your money!

Despite the fact that financial stress is one of the biggest contributors to relationship breakdowns and other social issues they take no interest in making sure you’re equipped for the future.

By taking responsibility for your financial education, you will have more control of your future without relying on outside influences.

How Wealth is Really Generated

It's what you keep, not what you earn, that really matters.

We all see countless examples of high-income individuals who die as paupers...we also see others on very ordinary incomes achieve wealth and financial independence.

Too often, we focus on what is being earned and not enough on what happens with that money and how it can be made to work for you and your future.

Earning more is not the complete solution to your money troubles. The more you earn the more problems you can get into. Bigger earnings can lead to bigger debts. Without financial knowledge a poor person can finish broke but it takes a high income person to achieve a serious level of financial strife!


The Eighth Wonder of the World

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, called “compounding” the eighth wonder of the world. It has an unrivalled power, which can build levels of wealth on its own when harnessed correctly – with very little input from you.

You’ve heard the saying “It takes money to make money”?

It’s true, but what surprises many people is how even a small amount of money can snowball into a significant sum in a very short period of time if handled correctly.

The stories of wealth building from people on very ordinary income are truly inspirational. You can learn how easily a small amount of money can be turned into a large amount in a short period of time

Want your Kids to Learn these Wealth-Building Secrets? 

Who am I and how can I help you?

Tony Argyle

Tony Argyle (B Comm C.A Ret) is a retired accountant and business owner. He is passionate about educating young people in money and investing, which started from a desire to educate his own children in an area they weren’t learning in school. 

Back in 2015 he started recording videos for his kids showing them important principles about money. This soon turned into longer powerpoint presentations that they could watch and playback anytime they needed to know more about a particular financial matter. 

Friends soon started asking if he'd share his videos with their kids and from that a training program was born. This project eventually transformed into a mission to inform countless young people who want to understand how money works and how they can be financially responsible and independent. 

Tony and his wife Leanne now travel fulltime. Their children have been financially independent since the age of 18.

How has the Young Wealth Secrets Training Program been changing the lives of young people already?

Watch the videos below and find out!

Want your kids to be the next success story?

Want To See What Others Have Said?
Here are Some More...

“I highly recommend this course to someone who wants to learn all about investing and knowing what to do with their money! If you don't know anything about investing or shares, Tony's course is a great place to learn, with great explanations and an interactive game to play makes it easier to understand and to experience it yourself.”

Sharlee Briggs

Perth, Australia

“Do it! I learnt a ton of interesting and useful stuff about money, investment and all sorts of money related stuff that I wouldn't be able to learn anywhere else”

William Pattinson

Bangkok, Thailand

“If you want to learn/have a better understanding about investing and money go for this insightful course, Tony takes you step by step throughout the videos...believe me you will not be disappointed”

Joel Akram


“For someone thinking of joining the course, I’d say go ahead and join. It’s good information to have and it’s an easy way to learn it.”

Cian Grant

Bangkok, Thailand

“It's a must do! If you're thinking of doing this course then you gotta do it! I found it to be so informative and important to learn all this information, the concepts were simple to understand and I really got a lot out of it. I finally understood things that I've been told multiple times that hadn't clicked with me, but they now do! A highlight for me was the interactive stock exchange game and learning to buy and sell stocks. It was all important and valuable information that I haven't been able to find anywhere else! Highly recommend it”

Caitlin Georgia

Perth, Australia

“I think this is great for all age groups, I came into the course with a sound understanding of a few of the topics but it also reminded me of my previous learnings. I think if you want to learn about the stock exchange and grow your confidence it would be very helpful”

Leticia Chapman

Gold Coast, Australia


With just a one-time payment of $1 for the first week, you get instant access to the Young Wealth Secrets training program!

After the initial charge has been made, one week later $97 per month will be charged – until you advise us you want to stop.

Excited to maximise this deal?

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